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les essentiels

soap factory
the essentials

Our family line of organic skincare products
for skin and hair.

Since 2000, Nancy has been making cold process soap bars for her Bed and Breakfast, but in the face of success and demand, she has stepped up a gear by working with local producers of essential oils, goat's milk, and honey to develop more all-natural body care products.

Our products became more professional in 2003, when your hosts, Nancy and Pascal, created their Essential soap factory here in Chasteuil. Today, manufacturing has moved to Aix-en-Provence.

The success of these soaps has led Nancy to develop a whole range of 100% natural, gentle, and beneficial products for essential daily skin and hair care. You will find a sample of Essential soap factory in your bathroom.

Of course, you can see, smell, test, and purchase Les Essentials products right here in Chasteuil.

Laureat Slow Cosmetique
Les essentiels - savon et soins july 2022
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